These are just a few
of our favorite riders.

Monica Mange Johnson

Burn This Co-Founder
Favorite Pattern: Fractals

“I love the City Seat fractals pattern because it reminds me of a beautiful work
of art. Living in Venice, California I am on my bike a lot - it is fun and inspirational to throw the fractals city seat on my bike whether it be for a quick juice run or a longer ride down the boardwalk. It also helps me find my bike quickly when I'm on the go!” 


Jaclyn Johnson

There is No Subject Founder
Create + Cultivate Founder

Favorite Pattern: Happy

I love the happy seat, beyond being super comfortable it’s  whimsical and bright, plus it matches my Linus :) 


Maya Henderson

Mira Fit Content Creator
Favorite Pattern: L’éléphant

"I love that CitySeat allows women to ride in comfort, but also let's us show our personality and style while exercising. These seats are so cute. Perfect for outdoor biking or intense indoor cycling classes, and super easy to carry with you, no matter where the day takes you. I wish I'd known about CitySeat when I first started taking spin classes years ago!"


Ava Rose Donaldson

Director of Strategy,
Favorite Pattern: Happy

As the head of strategy for a wellness company, I'm expected to take the healthiest track. This means that I take almond milk in my coffee, am well-versed in the best spots to box in the city and that I bike to work. Heading over the bridge on a CitiBike isn't easy sometimes--the seat might be dirty from another rider's sweaty session or damp from rain--or sometimes, I might have done too many squats that day to handle it.

This is where CitySeat has come in--not only does it protect my tush from the elements, but it also serves as a cushion, leaving me super comfortable no-matter the level of soreness of my glutes. Plus it's so fun to add an extra layer of individuality to your ride!