Q: When should I use CitySeat? 
A: We designed the CitySeat to improve your cycling experience in any situation, so the real question is more like when shouldn’t you use it! Whether the bike is a little too wet, too dirty, or just not nearly comfortable or stylish enough, CitySeat bike seat covers can help.

Q: What’s CitySeat made of?
A: CitySeat is constructed from a proprietary blend of Italian fabrics designed to keep you clean, cool, and dry—all while contouring perfectly to the seat’s shape. We selected a composite of stretchable water-resistant fabrics and hand-crafted a cutting pattern to create the perfect fit. As an added bonus: the seat has a removable padding to keep you comfortable. That way there won’t be any annoying slippage, and the look will always be as sharp and comfortable as possible.

Q: Will CitySeat be available in other patterns and colors?
A: Innovation and imagination led us to create the CitySeat, and we don’t have any plans to abandon those principles now! We’re excited about the new products and patterns in the works, but if you have specifics requests, don’t hesitate to pass them along. We love hearing from you!

Q: I’m interested in placing a custom CitySeat order. Is that possible?
A: Of course! We know that forward-thinking companies love new ways of encouraging eco-friendly transportation, and it’s hard to imagine something better than handing out branded CitySeats at your next softball game. To find out more, please contact info@cityseat.com.

Q: How is CitySeat involved in the community?
A: The only thing we love more than a fresh bike seat is the feeling of satisfaction we get from knowing that CitySeat is helping do more than just keep people dry. That’s why we donate a percentage of sales to Recycle-a-Bicycle, the NY based non-profit that “fosters youth development, environmental education, community engagement, and healthy living.” You can find out more about all the awesome work they do at http://www.recycleabicycle.org.

Q: How should I wash my CitySeat?
A: CitySeat can be either hand or machine-washed. But if you throw it in the dryer, make sure to keep the heat on low to protect the sizing. Our padding can go in the washing machine AND dryer.

Q: How should I deal with my jealous friends?
A: This is tough. On the one hand, it feels great when people want to be as cool as you. But on the other, you hate to see your friends unhappy… Probably best to just help them out by ordering an extra! CitySeats for everyone!

Q: Does CitySeat share my contact information?
A: No! All information collected by CitySeat is used solely for the purposes of keeping you up to date on the latest news, styles, and deals. If that’s not for you, you can always unsubscribe. Our feelings will obviously be hurt, but your happiness comes first.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Yes! Contact info@cityseat.com for more details and we’ll be happy to address your specific situation.

Q: Delivery Information?
A: Shipping and handling charges are a flat rate of $7.